Our Investment Process

Our investment process is based on Nobel Prize-winning methodology that’s rooted in rigorous, quantitative research and financial science. We aim to construct optimized portfolios utilizing best-in-breed managers across the asset class spectrum. 
Our investment approach is based on these core principles: 


Access to Leading Investment Managers

We perform exhaustive due diligence on the universe of institutional-quality investment managers to select the top managers across the entire spectrum of asset classes.

JFG selects managers based on proven merit, not a proprietary line-up of limited options. Our only priority is clients, and we have a fiduciary responsibility to put their interests first. 

JFG Wealth Management® helps clients invest in:

Marketable securities, including equities and fixed income

  • Real assets such as real estate, energy, and other real assets 

Alternative investments, as appropriate, such as exclusive private equity opportunities and other direct investments